Someone is Blocking your Driveway in NYC

Someone is Blocking your Driveway in NYC

Blocked Driveway Towing in NYC is one of the most inconvenience parts of living in New York when a vehicle blocks someone’s driveway. There has been a lot of controversy with the rules that regard blocking a driveway. Also, there has been confusion regarding the distance within someone’s driveway. We are going to explain some rules that apply to Blocked Driveway Towing.

Rule 1.

Please remember that before we can legally touch that vehicle it needs to have a police summons. And also without written authorization by the owner of the house or commercial building. This means that if you block a driveway, the owner or renter will notify the appropriate authorities who will summon the vehicle.

Then the owner/renter of the residence will give authorization to the towing company. This authorized to tow the vehicle that’s blocking the driveway. The tow operator will not be able to tow the vehicle without the summons or without authorization from the owner/renter.

Rule 2.

Residents can block their own driveways only if the building has one or two units and the vehicle’s license plate is registered to the building’s address. All other types of driveway parking can be cited. If you share a driveway with another resident make sure to discuss the issue of blocking one another.

Rule 3.

A driveway begins at the curb cut or the point at which the curb begins to slope downward toward the street level. A vehicle parked within curb cuts can be cited and towed. Even partial encroachments into the driveway area can result in a tow. These are some helpful tips that you can use to avoid a tow. Just to gain a better understanding of the rules for a Blocked Driveway.

NYC Blocked Driveway Towing Tips

Remember if a vehicle is blocking your driveway call 311 explain to the operator that someone has parked in front of your driveway and can not get out. Verify with them the address and the type of vehicle that is blocking your driveway. 311 will dispatch a police car to your location to summons the vehicle. As soon the vehicle has been summons you can call us.

The service of removing a vehicle that is blocking your driveway is free of charge. Don’t be afraid to call Hook & Go Towing if someone is blocking your driveway in NYC. We will clear the path so you could be on your way. Call us to learn more about blocked driveway towing rules in New York City.

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